We build innovative digital products that deliver a better customer experience.

We’re a fintech-focused company that invests in forward-thinking solutions that architect better digital products and user experiences for the financial industry.

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We invest in digital products designed to change the way the world interacts with money.

We have a passion for backing and building innovative solutions and digital products designed to improve the financial services industry. Our mission is to invest in the people, ideas, and companies that benefit institutions and customers alike.

Some of our recent projects, engagements, and solutions

Viva First is a Lubbock, Texas-based FinTech company providing financial solutions with the Latino community in mind.

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RentPlus is a resident banking experience offering a debit card with many ways to improve their financial health.

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For Student Athletes
Fan Inc. is an NIL social app that helps student athletes fire-up their fanbase and build their revenue while making NIL compliance simple.

For Fans
Fan Inc. is an NIL social app that helps all fans financially support their favorite athletes and help build a winning program.

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